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Good afternoon! You would be interested to know - as a model man or woman find a job? Where and from whom you can get such a proposal? Yes, I myself still do not know! Such proposals - it is a gift of fate. Someone is given, and some do not. Do you try and it does not need, in principle. It all depends on your external data. You are beautiful, sexy, and you have toned model body? If so, that's all you need. You will notice. People who need a fashion model woman or man does not hang ads - they are looking for their own candidates. Just find me. I wonder how? Now I tell.

  I was a child has always been praised for the charming beauty of nature. But I never took it seriously. I thought the contrary, I have a lot of flaws. And I never wanted to work in the modeling industry. I've always had a passion for painting. I loved to draw, let my paintings were not masterpieces ... But when I paint - I forget about all the problems and I am filled with a pleasant satisfaction.

  Not long ago, I decided to hold an exhibition of his paintings. I paint in a "minimalist" style, my every creation - is some definite sweet moment in my life. My friends and family did not approve of my undertaking with the exhibition. I was supported only my favorite guy. And I still decided. I spread out a little advertising in Istanbul - you need it was some kind of public gathering.

  Frankly, I was surprised when it was more than 200 people unfamiliar to the exhibition is absolutely unknown to anyone the author of these works of minimalism. I deliberately did not invite their friends and relatives, so that they did not go with gloomy faces and would not only exacerbate the situation. And so I was somehow not on itself - people like my show or not. We were with my boyfriend and saw the smiling faces of visitors and realized that everything turned out as well as possible :)

  Suddenly, we were approached by a courteous and respectably dressed man. He introduced himself, his name is Michael, and thanked us for this magnificent exhibition. Michael himself is just a fan of minimalist art and art in general. But its main purpose was not to thank and interesting offer for me and my loved one. Michael said that we look like two angels of beauty, and he wants to invite us to a photo session in his modeling agency istanbul escort girls  . Of course - we agreed.

  Since that day, we work in the field of beauty. Me and my favorite - fashion model girl and her boyfriend :)