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All are born free and equal. We do not choose who and where to be born, under what flag, in what region and what race. The only thing that we can say - that we are born, endowed with consciousness, we are thinking beings, able to speak and learn. And even if we are black istanbul escort girls does not mean that we need to be treated as something different.
Just because our parents came from another region of the world does not mean that we are something special. All human beings are born mostly tabula rasa (blank slate), in the words of John Locke, and only our education, the environment and education we define who we are. Dividing people into white, black, yellow, we did not accompanying the establishment of peace and prosperity on Earth. If mankind could get rid of all the stereotypes formed in the past century - the world would be a better place to live.
Yes, of course, there are some differences in the physical structure of the body, and black istanbul escort girls are different color of skin, hair and eyes, but do not assume that there are some differences in the structure of the brain, which makes the black more blunt.
During the colonial conquests of people from Africa began to export to the European world, making them slaves, only on the ground that they differ from the white man. We create myths, which read that the negros - peddlers diseases and other impure behavior, which were launched, just to reinforce the hatred of a particular race in society. It is strange that the rest of the civilized world, brought up in the Christian tradition, and involving a human life - the inviolable value with such disrespect attitude to life of a black man.
Most likely, the reason was in the fact that no one in those days did not take blacks as human beings, they were cattle, as well as animals that could get to do anything. These times have been featured in many films and books that describe the inhuman attitude towards representatives of other races. During the Civil War in America, the main task was the abolition of slavery - that such an amendment to the Constitution and sparked bloody battle between the southern and northern regions.
However, with the abolition of slavery position of black is not particularly improved, because in a society still remained a lot of stereotypes. Tsya they remain to this day, and black istanbul escort girls believe that it is necessary to deal with them. This struggle led Martin Luther King in the sixties in America, followed by blacks given the same rights as white people. The laws of political correctness entered further, prohibiting any degrading treatment of other races.
But if you need an example of why you should be tolerant towards other races and nationalities - is enough to recall the most terrible tragedy of the twentieth century - the Holocaust, in which millions of Jews were murdered in the concentration camps just because they belong to the people to whom they were born. Blackistanbul escort girls say that the story we need for that would make lessons from it. It is not necessary to repeat the mistakes of the past.
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